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Strange Territory

Bryndis Stefånsdóttir

Strange Territory
Galleri Nordlys
Copenhagen, Denmark
23rd Aug - 15th Sept 2007




This exhibition, of the work of English artist Alan Rankle, comprises : painting, photography, and video.

Alan Rankle is essentially a conceptual artist for whom the entire history of Landscape Art and it's social and environmental implications, functions as a found object. In both painting and videos his work fluctuates between the abstract and the finely figurative. Individual and yet elcectic in his approach, he regards "Styles as emblems of the way we can shift our attention".

"Strange Territory", produced especially for Galleri Nordlys, and his first showing in Denmark, is a new series of paintings and photographs based on his travel sketches; predominantly his impressions of Copenhagen, juxtaposing the tranquillity of it's parklands with it's urban culture. In some works he focuses on graffiti, the "art" of the disenfranchised of the inner-city, and the imported signs and calligraphy of immigrant settlers, as a way of contemplating his own status as a traveller; a stranger in a foriegn land. In so doing he draws parallels with the implicit troubles and conflicts associated with the subjects of migration, cultural ownership, and identity.

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