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The following titles and Alan Rankle exhibition catalogues are available direct from the blackShed gallery.

Alluvione di Nero
  Tom Burke, Sarah J Lloyd, Judy Parkinson, Alan Rankle, Andrea Vento 'Alluvione di Nero' Thin Man Press 2016
ISBN 978-0-9930141-5-4
Pastoral Collateral
  Judy Parkinson 'Pastoral Collateral' State Media Ltd 2016
Ego Cum Tempolo
  Pierantonio Tanzola, Valentina De' Mathà, Alan Rankle "Enrico Savi: Ego Cum Tempolo" Federico Rui Arte Contemporanes 2013
Sublimate sublime Sublimianl
  Alan Rankle "Sublimate Sublime Subliminal" The Underdog Gallery 2013
Sublime Sublimate Subliminal
  Alan Rankle "Sublimate Sublime Subliminal" The Lloyds Club 2013
Statef22 suppliment
  State f22 Magazine supplement 2012
Empathy and Abstraction
  Emanuele Beluffi "Rankle & Reynolds, Enrico Savi: Empathy and Abstraction" Mya Lurgo Gallery and Federico Rui Arte Contemporanea 2011
Recent Works
  Emanuel Beluffi "Alan Rankle Kirsten Reynolds Recent Works" Federico Rui Arte Contemporanea 2011
Alan Rankle & Kirsten Reynolds
  Emanuele Beluffi; "Alan Rankle & Kirsten Reynolds: On the Edge of Wrong"
First Gallery Roma 2010
ISBN: 978-0-9553068-2-2
Selected works
  Massimo Zanello, Massimilano Finazzer Flori, Camillo Fornasieri, Laurence Bristow-Smith, Andrea Vento, Alan Rankle, Brian Sherwin " Alan Rankle: Selected Works 1992 - 2009
ISBN 978-87-993276-1-4
Running from the House
  Sarah Lloyd, Alan Rankle : Running from the House : Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen 2009
ISBN 978-87-993276-0-7
Curioser and curioser
  Alan Rankle, Suzanne Patterson "Curious and Curiouser" Galleri Rebecca Kormind 2008
ISBN 978-0-95553068-1-5
    Colin Gale; "Etching and photopolymer intaglio techniques" A&C Black 2006
ISBN 978-0-7136-6702 
Landscapes for the Turning Earth
  Laurence Bristow-Smith; "Alan Rankle: Landscapes for the Turning Earth"
Gallery Oldham 2006
ISBN 0-9550358-3-7
Light and Meaning
  Imola Antal; "Alan Rankle: Light + Meaning" Galleria Seriola 2006
ISBN 978-0-9553068-0-8
Gates to the Garden
  Tom Burke, Laurence Bristow-Smith, Roger Woods, Clea H. Notar, Alan Rankle: "Gates to the Garden" Galleri Sult 2003
ISBN 1 898272 07 7
Further Tales
  Lynne Green "Alan Rankle: Further Tales" Riverfall Press 2002
ISBN 1 898272 06 9
Jamie Titus
  Alan Rankle, Eric Walstedt, James W. Tottis 'Jamie Titus' Sheridan Russell Gallery 2001
ISBN 1 898272 05 0
Sublimate Sublime Subliminal
  Alan Rankle, Jeremy Brook  " Sublimate Sublime Subliminal" Clink Wharf Gallery 1999
    Anthony Wallersteiner 'Alan Rankle : Terre Verte' Danielle Arnaud 1998
  Iwona Juskowiek-Abrams, Michelle Molyneux, Mary Cathryn Roth : Gaea 1999 Clink Wharf Gallery
Landscapes for the North
  Alan Rankle Susan McFie "Landscapes for the North" Riverfall Press 1996
ISBN 1 898272 04 2
Southampton City Art Gallery
  Clea H. Notar, Laurence Bristow-Smith : 'Alan Rankle Riverfall & Other Works' Southampton City Art Gallery 1993 
ISBN 1 898272 02 6
  Alan Rankle, Christine Goldschmidt, Art in Ruins, Lynne Green : Earthscape 1991 Hastings Trust / Public Art Society