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La Villa Rosa

The Baroque painters of the Venetian School have been an important and pervasive influence on the works of Alan Rankle and it was with great enthusiasm he accepted the commission from J. W. Marriott to create a suite of paintings celebrating the landscape and the art of Venice for La Villa Rosa a beautifully restored early 20th Century building on the island of Sacca Sessola in the Venetian lagoon.

The seven paintings at La Villa Rosa are titled 'Alluvione di Nera' and may be seen as a meditation on the historical art and culture of this precarious and vulnerable city in the light of current environmental concerns.

Sacca Sessola itself is an artificial island re-imagined and transformed into a luxury resort and park by the architect Matteo Thun. The interior of La Villa is by the celebrated designer Veronica Givone who worked closely with Alan Rankle Studio to make a successful integration of the art and architecture.

The island, has a number of early-twentieth-century buildings set in unique landscape of gardens, orchards and walkways with views across the lagoon to Venice itself and all now have artworks installed as an integral part of the scheme.

The J.W. Marriott Venice Spa & Resort is now an innovative luxury resort, and importantly a 'three zero' village, both in its construction and in its subsequent management: zero kilometers, zero CO2, zero waste and represents a positive response to the climate change which increasingly threatens this area of outstanding beauty and human achievement. 

As in much of Alan Rankle's work the viewer is drawn into a dialogue on the relationship we have to both the natural world and the cultural narratives of a particular place.

La Villa Rosa sitting room

Alluvione di Nero IAlluvione di Nero III

Alluvione di Nero IIAlluvione di Nero IV

Alluvione di Nero VIIAlluvione di Nero VI

Alluvione di Nero VAlluvione di Nero IX

Scenic Venice view


'Alluvione di Nero'

J.W. Marriott Sacca Sessola Resort & Spa

oils and pigmented ink jet on canvas
seven panels various dimensions


Matteo Thun & Partners

Veronica Givone